Tsinghua and sichuan energy Internet research institute to buy clean water equipment


Thank you for purchasing qianjing EA series laboratory pure water machine.Tsinghua and sichuan energy Internet research institute is a high-level scientific research institution jointly established by tsinghua university and sichuan provincial government to respond to the new ideas of national "energy revolution", serve the innovation-driven development strategy of sichuan province, and promote the industrial development of tianfu new area.

The institute is committed to making full use of the comprehensive advantages of tsinghua university in the fields of electricity, materials, heat-energy, nuclear energy, water conservancy, information, environment, architecture and other disciplines to build a talent cultivation center and a scientific and technological innovation center in the field of energy Internet.Energy sensing is the basis for real-time feedback and adjustment of information in energy production, transmission and consumption.Relying on MEMS technology, energy sensors provide information support for the energy Internet and realize the deep integration of energy flow, information flow and business flow in the energy network.Research and development of energy sensing, conversion, control and management chip, promote the interdisciplinary integration of electromagnetism, materials and so on.Deploy the "terminal nervous system" of the energy Internet to provide the energy network with full |-sided and effective information support.In order to develop energy strategies and innovative programs, the institute has undergone rigorous inspections and high standards of water quality.The EA series laboratory ultrapure water machine of qianjing company was selected for the research and production of energy chips and sensors.

Qianjing believes that the purchase of the research institute is only the beginning of the cooperation, and the more important is the post-sale maintenance process. We believe that the after-sales service of the company can be recognized and praised by tsinghua and sichuan energy Internet research institute.Also hope that the company net company EA series laboratory and sensor research institute in the energy function of ultrapure water for chip this provide beneficial help, to tsinghua university, sichuan energy become China Internet research institute early and influential in the world of a new generation of energy network strategy, a think-tank, explore the innovation of the energy from the Internet solutions, key technology and product research and development, investment and realize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, science and technology, training and consulting, certification testing services to promote energy development of Internet industry.

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